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PROGRAM HEADQUARTERS:  Washington DC, in the nation's capital

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Letitia Baldrige & Alinda Lewris
Baldrige & Lewris
Alinda Lewris Washingtonian
Alinda Lewris
*Alinda Lewris is featured in the Washingtonian November 2013 special issue "50 Years After JFK - Then & Now" section "Women in Business - Susan G. Komen, For the Cure!"
Cherlynn Conetsco Service Etiquette
Cherlynn Conetsco

"Self confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have."

"Choosing Civility | Connecting effectively, relating with kindness."

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BALDRIGE & LEWRIS is a full service firm that offers comprehensive programs in the Science of Image and all things proper, including a diplomatic and representational curriculum that embraces corporate/international protocol, executive etiquette, and emotional intelligence. B&L programs transport even the most stressed professional into a luxurious educational experience of cultural continuity in social attitudes, customs, and heritage. We set a consistent standard of excellence in all of our programs, dining practicums, and private briefings. We understand your need to negotiate the global environment with ease, your desire for higher learning opportunities, and/or your interest in connecting through advanced social skills.

B&L Executive Advisors and Faculty Practitioners are experts in corporate, diplomatic, international, and government protocol/etiquette. With your innate talent, our training, and our supplemental materials you will be equipped to tackle any protocol challenge with civility, but also have a basic understanding of good behavior in or out of the workplace.

Our cutting-edge programs are offered in Washington, District of Columbia, the nation’s capital. All of our venues have prestigious addresses just minutes from the White House and the U.S. Department of State, the Monuments and Memorials, the U.S. Capitol and Congress, and the U.S. Supreme Court. We invite you to explore this Web site and our numerous offerings.

ALINDA LEWRIS ~ After more than a decade of leading a non-profit 501c6 international association that focused on cross cultural studies, protocol and all things proper, managing a partnership with one of the world’s most respected fashion, design, and etiquette experts, and simultaneously balancing a passion for interior architecture, Alinda Lewris has happily decided it’s time to streamline her professional life.

Ms. Lewris states that: "It brings tremendous joy to re-launch Baldrige & Lewris and introduce my new business partner, Cherlynn Conetsco.  This professional adjustment allows me additional time for family/friends, educational travel, and strengthening opportunities to support cancer research especially through the celebration of dance, including recently participating in a dance for the cure."

CHERLYNN CONETSCO has an unparalleled background in the arena of protocol and etiquette. She is among the most experienced in the world and excels at spotlighting individual responsibilities in contemporary civility, as well as international etiquette, since global exposure is now commonplace at all levels of society.

Cherlynn Conetsco works wholeheartedly to advance educational opportunities for companies and individuals. A recognized master in protocol, etiquette, and civility, she delivers eye-opening, content-rich seminars and personal coaching on interacting correctly and confidently to corporate, government, military, and diplomatic entities, both entry-level and experienced.

Cherlynn Conetsco assumes her newest mantle of Author after publication of Service Etiquette, Fifth Edition. Anyone engaged in or anticipating social and official interactions with diverse populations, American government civilian services, uniformed services, international governments, or high status professions will prosper with this definitive resource.

ALINDA LEWRIS and CHERLYNN CONETSCO focus exclusively on private consultations for men and women who recognize the value image, business protocol, and etiquette play in professional endeavors. They share a passion for education that is evident in every aspect of their lives and believe it is not enough for executives to keep pace, they must set new standards within today's information-driven economy. They promote civility and integrity across all cultures and emphasize ethical standards.